Available Services

Proofreading – $0.005 per word

This is the main service I offer. I’ll do a read-through of your book to catch any spelling or grammatical errors and track the changes so you can review my edits. I may suggest some grammatical changes to make things flow better (or add things like an Oxford comma), and of course these are suggestions, so you have the final say in what changes are made to your writing.

Editing & Proofreading – $0.007 per word

This rate includes the services listed above, as well as editing suggestions. These would look like scrapping paragraphs/sentences, moving them around, adding clarifying paragraphs/sentences, or organizational assistance. Most often, I’ve done this when an author is working on an anthology and needs to remove repetitive sections, as well as organize the anthology in a way that makes sense.


This is optional and would be included in the previous rates. Besides technical feedback, this could be thoughts on your title, the plot, the characters, the feel of the book, etc. Essentially, this would be what a beta reader does.